Sterling Silver Bangles


Sterling Silver Bangles and Cuffs – Anticlastic

Anticlastic: of a surface. Having opposite curvatures at a given point; curved convexly along a longitudinal plane section and concavely along the perpendicular section opposed to synclastic.

Karen Harvey’s sterling silver bangles are made using traditional silversmithing techniques – much hammering and annealing to compress and stretch the metal making two sides curl under and two sides curve upwards, creating anticlastic forms which sit very comfortably on the wrist of the wearer.

The sterling silver bangles have an opening which can enable the wearer to slide the piece on across the wrist – Bangles are a complete circular shape which is place over the hand to slide onto the wrist.  Cuffs have a flexibility and one size usually fits all, whereas bangles do need to be sized to enable them to fit comfortably over the knuckles of your hand and thumb, but sit correctly on your wrist without the risk of falling off.  (see sizing guides for further information).

  • Ensure that you enter your sizing in the ‘ Add Comments’ section during the order process.
  • If you are unsure of your bracelet size, use the Bracelet Sizing Guide HERE.
  • If you require further information email Karen HERE.

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